Surfcomp Pay – Club Fees Management

Surfcomp Pay – Terms and Conditions

Surfcomp can now manage club membership fees on behalf of your club, saving you time and the hassle of chasing people for their membership annual fees. And automatically update their payment status in the Surfcomp app.

  • Paying club fees is easy – you send club members to the Surfcomp website, they select your club and pay their fees by credit card, debit card or bank transfer.
  • Your club members pay their fees online for the amount determined by your club and their membership status, junior, senior, social. They can order merchandise like hats, shirts, boardshorts or surf coaching.
  • Your members are updated in the Surfcomp member portal as paid – covering your requirements for insurance and Surfing Australia.
  • No more chasing down non-paying members that take months to pay up – a real time saver.
  • Surfcomp charges a minimal 5% processing fee – to save your club administrator the hassle.
  • Funds are transferred to your bank account – no more messy cash, cheques or processing of deposits. Fees are paid monthly to your bank after all members have paid their dues, in one easy reconcile deposit.

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